Hawaiian Lei Vases

and other assorted Clay Sculptures and Tableware


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Hawaiian Lei Vases

Hawaiian Lei Vases

On the west side of Oahu, where the vibrant Hawaiian culture meets the rhythm of everyday life, my story is woven into a rich tapestry of experiences. As a mother to three, a storyteller in the art of hairdressing, and an entrepreneur nurturing a water plant nursery, my journey reflects the diverse facets of my life, each adding depth and color to who I am.

In the heart of this journey lies my passion for pottery. In the tranquility of my studio, I engage with the elemental nature of clay, creating lei vases and ceramic pieces that resonate with the spirit of Hawaii. These creations are more than just objects; they are extensions of my soul, blending functionality with beauty and reflecting the profound influence of the islands that have shaped my artistic vision.


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Bring the spirit of Aloha to any home.

Sample Sizes, Shapes and Colors


  • Large 8-9 Inches
  • Medium 6-7 Inches
  • Small 4-5 Inches